5 Things Every New Mom Needs to Have (but Nobody Told You about Them)

There are things that are just obvious necessities when it comes to babies. Things such as strollers, car seats, body suits... you know you need those, right? But how about some things that you may not have thought of? First-time mothers often learn as they go, realizing how useful something would be, and getting it.

Here we’re offering you a cheat sheet.
There are things that nobody told you about, but that are going to be a real life saver once you get them – and we’re here to provide you with a list. Use it, and don’t worry about getting stranded with no way out.

1. Baby Mittens

The general rule is not cutting your baby’s nails until it’s at least two weeks old. What they probably didn’t tell you is that babies are born with nails that are often already long, and well, they keep growing. Not only that – they are super-soft and break very easily, but somehow also very sharp. Your little one won’t have much control over their hands in their first days, so if you don’t put on some mittens, they may end up looking a lot like scar-face. That’s an image you won’t forget – so make sure to be prepared, and don’t hesitate to bring the mittens with you to the hospital.

2. A Reliable Diaper Bag

If this is your first baby, you may be thinking: well, I’ll just re-use one of my old purses. WRONG! You may try, but trust us on this one – you need the real deal. Diaper bags are made specifically to carry the huge amount of essentials you need for a baby. You’ll need one with lots of different pockets, both inside and out – and the really good ones will make your life so much easier because you’ll always know where everything is. And when you’re outside with a baby, that’s priceless.

3. A Pacifier Holder (or Two)

Sure, everyone tells you you’ll need a pacifier, but nobody remembers how useful the holders are. Simply attach the ring to your baby’s new best friend, and the other end to its shirt. That’s it – now you don’t have to worry about losing the one thing that can calm your little one down.
*Pro tip: Even with a holder, things happen and the precious pacifier could still get lost. Be smart and have a backup that looks exactly the same. You’ll thank us later.

4. A Baby Carrier

Carrying your baby once they start to get heavier may be very hard for your back and arms, especially if you’re not one of those super-fit moms who exercise regularly. Not only that – it is often suggested by doctors to strengthen the relationship between a parent and a child. A parent, meaning – your husband can use it to (and he should). Just make sure to try it out before you buy it. It should be as comfortable as possible, especially if you’re planning to use it a lot.

5. A Belly Wrap (for Yourself)

Don’t forget to think about your own needs. Treat yourself – you deserve it, don’t you? If you are not happy with how your stomach looks, if you want to make your stretch marks go away, go get yourself a nice belly wrap and a good stretchmark cream. Remember – if you’re happy, your baby will be, too!

Find Your Own Necessities


Every mom will realize at some point that there are certain objects that they just can’t survive without. Whatever it is, make sure you keep it close and you have a backup for emergencies. They will make your life much more organized and help you enjoy this great time with your baby.

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