Fun and clever ways to let your family and friends know there’s a baby on the way.

There are two lines on the pregnancy kit, or the blood test results are back:
You’re pregnant! The imminent arrival of a new baby is one of the most precious and joyous times in a family’s life. Whether you prefer to wait for the traditional three months or you would like to let the whole world know straight away, you most likely cannot wait to share your good news with friends and family.

You might wish to let the whole world know on social media or keep it in-house by limiting your announcement to close family and friends. Either way, pregnancy announcements no longer have to be an old-fashioned generic note or email. You can rev things up with these fun, creative ideas to share your good news.

1. A Little Baby Humor
Why not share your news with a chuckle? There are plenty of ways to include a little playfulness in your announcement. This fortune cookie announcement is perfect if you are sharing your good news over a meal, and is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

2. Let Someone Else Spill The Beans
You are far too busy growing an entire human in your body, so delegate the announcement task to the other loves in your life. Siblings (both human and four-legged ones) can come in handy to help you celebrate your good news with friends and family.


3. All Things Cute
Babies (and their anticipated arrival) evoke feelings of all things warm and fuzzy. And what is cuter than little baby shoes and little baby onesies? Take a picture of an assortment of several baby items to share your pregnancy news. This works even better for later announcements when you already know the gender of the baby. You can then use the color of the items to double the announcement with a gender reveal.

4. Get Creative With Everyday Items
Customize everyday items and use them to announce your pregnancy! Paperclips, cups, safety pins, the list is endless! All you need is different sized items to fit your family situation for a hassle-free but creative way to let people know there’s a baby on the way.

5. A Personalized Announcement
This is a lovely way to get everyone excited about their upcoming roles. You can make personalized announcements for the daddy, brother, sister, auntie, uncle cousins or grandparents to be.

Announcing your pregnancy to your loved ones is a huge deal. The only better feeling than the excitement of a new baby on the way is the shared joy, excitement and anticipation of our nearest and dearest.

Cute or funny, subliminal or obvious, it’s all up to you. Sharing your joy with the people closest to you in fun, creative ways can make the pregnancy announcement a cherished memory for both you and your loved ones.


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