Can We Be Fashionable Even while Breastfeeding?

At some point, every new mom faces this question: can I look chic even while breastfeeding? Is it even possible to feel good about your body and look stylish during this period? Are there clothes that will even let me feel just a bit sexy? Well, ladies, yes, yes, and YES.

The key to being fashionable and feeling good in your outfit while breastfeeding is simple: find what works best for you and adapt it to your needs. Now that sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Worry not – we’re here to help you with some awesome tips that will help you look great again!

First Things First – A Good Nursing Bra

This probably goes without saying, but you really need to find a great nursing bra. Your breasts will be very heavy (especially at first) thanks to all the milk inside of them, so you have to find very good support for them. Nursing bras are great because you won’t have to ruin your favorites by pulling them on and off or even bending them when you want to breastfeed. Simply unbutton the panel and you’re ready to go. Trust us, it is an absolute must and it will make your life so much easier.

Patterns are Your New Best Friends

Why? Think of it this way – milky stains are pretty inevitable, especially in your first days of breastfeeding. Also, baby vomit won’t look very nice on... well, anything – so it’s best to find a way to make them less noticeable. Patterns will do exactly that – while making you look super-fashionable and bold, they will cover up the stains. If you’re not that into this idea, you can just get a patterned scarf or bring it in your diaper bag – then you can always use to cover up the stains – and it’ll look really good, too.

Layers are Your Savers

Especially when weather is colder, go for layers. Wear a breastfeeding top tank under an oversized top or eve a nice dress. You can also think about wearing cardigans or kimonos, as they are a great cover up for your tummy, too.

Pro tip: Buy clothes you can easily just throw in the washing machine – save the delicates for the period when you’re done with breastfeeding, or you may lose some special items due to stains.

You Can Wear Anything if it’s the Right Shape

Going out with your husband, starting to work again or just visiting your relatives – sometimes you’ll want to dress more formally – and you can. The key is to find a shape that will fit your figure AND allow you to breastfeed when necessary. If it’s eveningwear – think deep neckline, or even a zip front. If it’s a more casual outfit, go for A-line dresses or shirts. Anything that you can unbutton will do the job, whether it’s a nice blouse or a shirt with a few front buttons. If you want to cover up your belly, jeans with a mid waist will do that for you, and you should also consider jumpsuits as a fabulous option you may not have thought of.

To Sum Up...

Feeling comfortable is the key when it comes to dressing for breastfeeding. Using our tips, you can look good, feel good and feed your baby at any occasion. Throw in a stylish diaper bag and you’re ready to go. Remember that this is a beautiful period in your life, enjoy it with your baby and try to make it a wonderful memory you’ll always go back to.

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