14 Must-Haves in Your Diaper Bag

As we already said, a diaper bag is a necessity for every new mom. And no, it can’t be just an old purse you decide to repurpose – a diaper bag is much more than a purse. It can hold all your essentials in place, help you stay organized and on top of everything, and you’ll always be ready for anything that may come up during your walk in the park or a trip with your family. 

In a good diaper bag there’s a place for everything, but there are things that you can never ever forget to bring. Here’s a list of what you should always have in your diaper bag. Use it as a checklist and you’ll always be prepared.

  • Diapers... no need to explain this. Make sure to have at least one for each hour you’ll spend out.
  • A diaper cream for the same purpose.
  • Wet wipes. Whether you need to change your baby’s diaper or it got its hands dirty, these will become your best friends. Always bring a pack with you.
  • Speaking of changing – changing pads are necessary wherever you go. Buy one that is reusable or take a package of disposable pads. Some bags also come with a pad included, which is pretty great.
  • A bottle of milk and another one for water/tea/juice. Milk (especially if it’s a formula) isn’t enough to keep your baby from dehydrating, so you’ll also need some other type of liquid in case he or she is thirsty.
  • A snack if your baby is old enough for it.
  • A spoon – don’t forget it if you’re bringing anything other than finger foods.
  • A bib. Or two. Even if they don’t eat solid food yet, if they’re teething, they’re probably drooling and you don’t want their chest to be wet.
  • Extra clothes, because your baby will find a way to get dirty/wet, no matter how much you pay attention.
  • A blanket. You never know when a surprise wind or rain can ruin a day out, but you do know that you need to keep your little one safe and healthy. Choose one that’s lightweight so you don’t feel like you’re bringing a bag of bricks with you.
  • A hand sanitizer because your hands can never be too clean around your precious baby.
  • Toys or something else you use to keep your baby entertained. This is pretty self explanatory.
  • A pacifier if your baby uses one. Or something else that can soothe them when upset. If he or she is teething, then also bring a teething toy.
  • Snacks and water for you. You’re a living creature, too. Don’t forget about yourself.

Alright – you’re ready to go. Pack everything so it’s easily accessible and right at your fingertips and hang that bag onto your stroller. Bring your phone in case of an emergency and so you can take millions of photos of your little angel.

Have fun!



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