With every Jae Ko diaper bag purchased, a donation goes to a shelter home for children.


1. Is it real leather or vegan leather?

Our Jae Ko diaper bags are made of vegan leather. We chose vegan leather not only for its sophisticated appearance but also to keep the weight of the bag light. Vegan leather is made from polyurethane, so it is more protected from stains, and even water-resistant unlike real traditional leather, so it’s easier for mummies to keep it clean! 

2. How can I care for the bag?

Thanks to the durable and spill-resistant materials of the Jae Ko leather, wipe it down with a damp cloth to keep it clean. The interior is made of waterproof nylon so for any spills or dirt, and you may wipe it with wet wipes or damp cloth.

3. Will you be releasing new colors soon? Or new leather products?

We are always coming up with new colors and products for you mommies. So, make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list here to be the first to get notified!

4. Are the Jae Ko side pockets able to fit wine bottles?

Yes, the side pockets can fit most sippy cups and wide bottles. They are large enough to accommodate up to 32 oz water bottle.

5. My bag is a bit wrinkly, how can I de-wrinkle it?

It may appear a little wrinkly at the start due to the shipping and packing, but the longer you wear the bag, you will notice it start to de-wrinkle by itself. You may carefully place a cloth over the leather and iron on top of the cloth quickly and lightly to soften the wrinkles. The heat MUST not be too high.  

6. My bag is a little stiff. Is this normal?

Usually, for leather products, it takes a bit of time for it to “break in” before it gets soft, especially when it is brand new. Don't be afraid to get a little rough with the bag - i.e. fluffing up the bag, opening the zips a few times. 

7. Is there an insulated pocket?

Yes, it is the left side pocket inside of the bag.  



1. What is personalization or monogramming?

Jae Ko personalization is what makes the bag uniquely yours as it adds a sweet personal touch. Our monograms consist of 2 initials in our signature Playlist Script font which will be stamped on your Jae Ko bag.

2. What colors do you emboss in?

We only provide blind emboss, which means no foil is applied to the monogram. The initials will be indented into the leather but no color.

3 Can I choose a different font or add more than two initials?

Currently, we only provide one font and a maximum of 2 initials in capital locks.

4. Can I choose the position of the monogramming?

No. The position of the monogram is fixed at the center of the bag, above the front zipper compartment.

5. Can I return my monogrammed Jae Ko bag?

Unfortunately, no, we do not offer any refunds for monogrammed goods.

6. Can I personalize my binky pod?

Not yet. We are still working on the personalization for the binky pod.



1. What are knotted gowns?

A modern take on the classic lap neck onesies, with a knotted bottom that makes diaper changes easy and fuss-free!

2. What material is it made of?

Made of 93% GOTS Organic Cotton and 7% Spandex, the gowns are gentle and soft on the baby's skin, while being stretchy enough to allow them to move freely. GOTS Organic Cotton is also known to be hypoallergenic, which prevents skin irritations that can be both irritating to them and stressful for the parents. 

Jae Ko Designs want what is best for our fellow mommies and their babies, and we guarantee the best quality for our knotted gowns!

3. How do I care for them?

They are machine washable - cold wash on delicate, hang dry or tumble dry on low. However, the best is to hand wash them of course!

4. What sizes are available?

Available sizes are 0-3 months and 3-6 months!



1. Do you provide international shipping?

Yes! We currently ship to Singapore & Australia too!

2. What is the shipping cost?

Peninsular Malaysia – FREE for first 3kg
Sabah, Sarawak – RM 30

Singapore - RM 60
Australia - RM 120
Brunei - RM90
Taiwan - RM80
South Korea - RM90
Japan - RM195

3. When will my parcel arrive?

Within Klang Valley: 3 - 4 working days
East Malaysia & Brunei: 5 - 10 working days
Singapore : 5 - 10 working days
Japan : 8~14 working days
Other countries: 7 - 14 working days

You will be notified of when your lovely item is shipped along with its tracking number.

4. How do I change my shipping address details, after I have placed my order?

Contact us as soon as you can and we will try our best to assist you. If the item has already been shipped, we will not be able to make changes to your order.

5. I think my parcel got lost or was stolen.

Unfortunately, Jae Ko Designs cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages. If you believe your package was lost or stolen, please contact your shipping provider or local post office. You can refer to your tracking information to determine which shipping provider to contact.



1. Do you accept returns or exchanges?

 If you have received a defective item, we are happy to exchange it for a new one.

2. What should I do if I received a defective item(s)?

If you have received a defective item(s), please contact us at info@jaekodesigns.com as soon as you can.

3. What if my Jae Ko bag gets scratched, chipped or peeled? Do you have a warranty?

Sorry, we do not offer warranties. With our quality control, we have ensured that our Jae Ko bags are durable and ages well. However, all vegan leather is prone to scratches against sharp or rough objects and are subject to chipping and peeling with time and misuse. They do have a shelf life so please handle your Jae Ko bag with care 😊


1. Do you offer direct bank transfer / atm transfer / meet up / cash on delivery (COD)?

You may direct bank transfer to us. Once you have done so, please email at info@jaekodesigns.com or WhatsApp us at 01162203926 the bank receipt, and we will then process your order.

Our banking details:

Maybank: 562348604138

2. What payment methods are available?

Payment methods available are Direct Bank Transfers or by Credit Card, Online Banking via Malaysia’s Most Trusted Payment Gateway, ipay88.

Still, have questions?

Do not hesitate to drop us an email at info@jaekodesigns.com! We’d love to hear from you.